Waste Management

Since fall of 2021, we have committed to building towards a diversion rate of 80% by 2024. This is no easy feat and will require expanded partnerships with general contractors, service providers, event organizers and exhibitors. As a hub for international attendance, the Javits Center is uniquely positioned to set the stage for waste management strategies that will serve as best practice for the industry.

Our waste diversion roadmap includes:

  • Prioritize the sorting and collection of largest recycling waste streams such as cardboard
  • Redesign collection methods and routes
  • Improve employee training
  • Expand waste tracking
  • Invest in more efficient equipment such as balers
  • Enact policies aligned with waste diversion efforts
  • Engage with event managers and exhibitors
  • Require a waste management plan from event producers

Getting Here

Within New York City, public transportation is always a quick and affordable way to go- and the opening of the new 7 Subway line extension across the street makes the trip even more convenient.
Arriving from out of state? We have directions and helpful tips whether you are arriving by car, train, plane, or more.

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