The Javits Center has joined with Levy Convention Centers and CxRA to launch a new hospitality brand called Cultivated, a comprehensive and cutting-edge dining program that will reshape and reimagine the food and beverage experience throughout the iconic venue. Cultivated stems from a collaboration with the Javits Center and Levy, one of the world’s largest food service companies, and CxRA (Catering by Restaurant Associates), an industry leader in delivering high-quality custom catering. This new brand will focus on enhancing the hospitality experience with elements rooted in the Empire State, including more New York ingredients and producers, as well as unique dining presentations, products sourced on-site and signature high-end catering for the largest and most exclusive events in New York City.


The Javits Center offers full-service catering to all of its customers, and under the new Cultivated brand, the service will be more efficient and elegant than ever. With a new collaboration with Levy and CxRA, we’re creating an immersive catering experience with new training, technology and uniforms, along with signature recipes and menu items, that will transform the venue into a high-end food and beverage provider. Examples include: a new on-site bakery, refined service levels and an upcoming mobile app for exhibitors to order at any time.



The Cultivated menu elevates the dining experience at the Javits Center, repositioning the facility as a place to meet, eat, greet and socialize through a redefined, localized food story with upgraded facilities and equipment that appeal to a diverse group of customers, stakeholders and residents.


Questions about the new Cultivated brand? Please call 212.216.2400.

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