The Dining Experience. Elevated.

The Javits Center has recently refreshed and rejuvenated its food halls on Levels 1 and 3 with new menus, new signage and new customized furniture. With the installation of new booths, benches and chairs throughout the halls and public areas of the building, the retail refresh is designed to encourage collaboration among our guests with a focus on the importance of sustainability and community. In concert with Cultivated, our new dining and hospitality team, the exciting menus include items sourced from our new rooftop farm and a host of New York-based vendors, reflecting the vitality and vibrancy of New York City and its diverse neighborhoods and cultures.

3411 Garden Market

Facing the 11th Avenue entrances on Level 3 in the Crystal Palace, the 3411 Garden Market features an eclectic mix of food and beverages among its stations, including Grillocity, Harvest Bowls, Jacob’s Deli and Rustica, which offers everything from hamburgers to harvest bowls to sandwiches.

Nibble & Graze

Located in a sprawling space on Level 1, Nibble & Graze provides guests with a quiet place to relax and recharge away from the show floor, featuring popular New York-based providers Nuchas and Korilla, as well as wide range of homemade menu items such as mac and cheese hamburgers, rice bowls and chicken Caesar salads.

Fresh and Fast

Housed on the North Concourse, Fresh and Fast is the first touchless café in any convention center in the United States that offers user-controlled, checkout-free access to pre-packaged items, as well as a variety of snacks, beverages and in-house bakery items. Equipped with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, the new café will allow guests to swipe their credit card to enter the store, after which they can take the items they want and leave without having to check out.

For more information about the Javits Center’s dining and hospitality program, please contact Cultivated at 212.216.2400.

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Within New York City, public transportation is always a quick and affordable way to go- and the opening of the new 7 Subway line extension across the street makes the trip even more convenient.
Arriving from out of state? We have directions and helpful tips whether you are arriving by car, train, plane, or more.

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