Superior catering services can help to elevate the culinary experience of any event. That is why we have collaborated with Levy and CxRA to form Cultivated, our new dining and hospitality team. Cultivated plays a pivotal role in bringing together the best of New York -- with a special focus on sustainable practices and community support. With an elite team of experts on site, we seek to personalize every moment to deliver world-class hospitality. With the addition of a one-acre rooftop farm, a rooftop greenhouse and two indoor gardens on Level 1, Cultivated is helping to create unique roof-to-table menus with produce grown using sustainable methods. Visit their website to learn more.

Getting Here

Within New York City, public transportation is always a quick and affordable way to go- and the opening of the new 7 Subway line extension across the street makes the trip even more convenient.
Arriving from out of state? We have directions and helpful tips whether you are arriving by car, train, plane, or more.

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