The mission of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation (NYCCOC) is to serve the citizens of the State and City of New York by generating new business and employment opportunities, serving as a catalyst for the continued redevelopment of the local community and operating in the public interest, consistent with the social, economic and environmental priorities of existing state policy. NYCCOC meets these objectives through maximizing the booking of trade shows, conventions, public shows, and special events that stimulate spending within the regional economy, create jobs at the Javits Center and in the surrounding community and generate a reliable source of revenue for the State and City of New York. NYCCOC strives to achieve these results by operating in accordance with the highest professional standards, generating sufficient operating revenue to be financially self-supporting, maintaining the convention center facility in accordance with our core values and ensuring our operations are consistent with contemporary sustainability objectives and a community friendly approach.


We are accountable for meeting the needs and expectations of everyone we serve.



We demonstrate a positive attitude and encourage positive results.



We provide a quality experience through consistent processes and practices that are solution oriented.



We provide exceptional service by proactively engaging with our customers.



We create effective solutions and desired outcomes for everyone we serve.



We understand the specific needs of our community and our business.



We care about the success of our colleagues, our community and our business partners.



We communicate in a clear and consistent manner.



We implement innovative solutions.



We require high standards of ethics and conduct for our directors, officers and employees.



We operate as a model of sustainability.

The Javits Center has the following stakeholders invested in its continued success:


    • Event-related customers, including event owners, event managers, event exhibitors and event attendees who organize and/or participate in events at the Javits Center;
    • Employees of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation who depend on the Javits Center for their livelihood, including part time and full time employees;
    • Business partners such as private contractors who coordinate the construction of events, concessionaries such as caterers who provides goods and services to customers at the Javits Center, and labor which executes delivery of those services;
    • Businesses and residents of New York State and City who benefit from Javits Center operations, such as hotels and restaurants, through employment, creation of customers and the creation of incremental tax revenue;
    • The State of New York, and the City of New York, which benefit from economic activity and job creation generated by the hosting of events, visitor spending and other activities associated with the Javits Center, as well as directly through enhanced tax revenue.

The following are the measurements by which NYCCOC’s performance and the achievement of its mission may be estimated or measured annually.

    • Total economic impact
    • Annual attendance levels
    • Jobs supported
    • Hotel room nights
    • Number of events, including trade shows, public shows conventions and special events
    • Operating profit/loss
    • Total payroll hours
    • Gross Square Footage
    • Net Square Footage
    • Occupancy versus industry norms